Magnolia Bakery (Dubai) Review

All Gone!

Yesterday I ventured to Dubai Mall – the biggest shopping mall in the world – it also boasts a 22 screen cinema, an aquarium, ice rink, food court, 1000+ stores and it also links to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.  I spent about 3 hours in there and only managed to get into a few of the 1000+ shops!  I had to stop at Magnolia Bakery to try their cupcakes!  I’ve heard both good and bad about their cake so its only fair that I decide for myself!  The bakery itself is a concession at Bloomingdale’s and I got a bit more wonderment than I anticipated as staff worked on cakes during my visit.

The staff were extremely helpful, friendly and the service was great.  There was a lot on offer, cupcakes were10 & 12 AED/£2ish – good value for money I thought.  I had the Devils Food cupcake – devils food cake with a caramel cream cheese icing.  I was unimpressed by the lack of decoration but was purely curious as to how the frosting would taste!  The cake was lovely and moist, no bitter taste of the dark chocolate and the frosting was delicious – very thick, not too sugary, at first you taste the caramel then the cream cheese flavour comes through.

Overall it was a great experience, just lacking a bit of sparkly pizzazz on the cupcake that I bought.

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