Piece of Cake (Dubai) Review

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

So… I’m currently based in Dubai (CupcakeDarling does Dubai) so I have been sampling the local offerings here – only the best though as I have seen some very mediocre looking cake .

I went to Dubai Festival Centre and stumbled upon ‘Piece of Cake’ – one of the best styled cupcake shops I have ever visited (in the kids fashion area).  Think Alice in Wonderland meets Cath Kidston.  They also sell macaroons and tiny mini cheesecakes.

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

Pistachio Cupcake

Rose water, blueberry and pistachio macaroons

I had a pistachio cupcake.  It had a moist vanilla sponge base but was baked covered in finely chopped pistachios.  It had swiss meringue butter cream on top and more pistachios.  It ranks highly amongst the cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!  It was moist, the topping wasn’t too sweet or buttery and the pistachios were plentiful.  The macaroons (rosewater, blueberry and pistachio) were nice but had a soft and not crunchy exterior like they should have and the fillings were just right.  I will definitely try and bake something myself incorporating rosewater.  The flavour was very distinctive but delicate in the macaroon – the meringue taste was most prominent.  The cupcakes were all 10dirhams, about £1.80 and the macaroons were 2dirhams each, about 35p each – bargain!  The service was also great and the packaging was fab.  It seems like a lot of thought has gone into the appearance and marketing of this place.  I look forward to seeing the website when it’s finally live to find out a bit more about this bakery.

Another cupcakery that has been recommended to me is Sugar Daddy’s Bakery.  Their cakes looks great so I will try to stop by one of their stores soon!  (I still haven’t tried anything at Magnolia Bakery here!)

Have you ever travelled to Dubai?  How did you like it?  Is there anything you recommend for me to do?  Doesn’t have to be cake related!


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