With help from Betty Crocker???

Duncan Hines, Confetti Cupcakes

Duncan Hines, Confetti Cupcakes

I have tried to make confetti/funfetti cakes numerous times but have not been successful as sprinkles simply melt whilst baking in the hot oven therefore no confetti effect in the cake.  I’m hell bent on making these as they remind me of my summers in Canada.  I resigned to buying an American box mix by Duncan Hines (from HomeSense).  (For cakes sake, he’s Betty Crocker’s hubby).

Anyways, have you ever used a box mix and cheated someone into thinking its home made? Or will you stay away from them forever?  Answer anonymously here!


One thought on “With help from Betty Crocker???

  1. I’ve used box mixes before! I’m not ashamed – the green chocolate brownie mix produced AMAZING fudgy chocolate brownies with the perfect crackled top, sadly its now discontinued! I wouldn’t use them for most things though as you often have to add milk, eggs, butter and even other stuff too – you’re practically making the cake anyway at that point!

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