Food Photography

Sweetapolita Food Photography

Sweetapolita Food Photography

I love to take pictures of the baked goods I bake (especially new recipes) – they’re the only memory and evidence once they’ve been eaten or collected.  My baking and cake decorating is  improving at a quicker rate than my photography.  I have a point and shoot kind of camera – Canon PowerShot A1100 IS but it does have a macro setting so that’s a good start for getting a nice sharp close up image – it’s such a pity that I haven’t mastered how to use it yet!

Anyways, I’ve been looking on the net for some help – the manual that came with the camera is not very much help to me as its written in camera language that I don’t yet understand.  One of my favourite cake blogs on the net is – I get blog envy when I look at Rosie’s amazing photographs.  After looking at Rosie’s blog post on photography, which is really helpful I then found The Pioneer Woman’s amazing blog that covers so much, especially photography and more specifically food photography.  This blog is particularly good as not only does Ree offer tips, you can also see how she has improved over a number of years.

I now know that….

  • reducing my ‘ISO’ will give me sharper pictures and loss ‘grain’
  • a tripod will give me a steady base
  • I love gadgets so if I can find a suitable remote control then I will be buying one!
  • using a roll of gift wrap and sellotaping it to the wall for a small scale infinity curve gives me an instant backdrop (something else I have picked up and been doing for a while and a great way to hide a messy workspace!)
The Pioneer Woman Food Photo

The Pioneer Woman Food Photo

I aspire to make cakes and take photos as yummy looking as Sweetapolita and The Pioneer Woman… but first I’m going to drool over these lovely ladies pics for another hour!  Let me know if you have any tips for better pics!

Love & Cupcakes

Natasha xx


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