Supermarket Best Buys

I’ve noticed recently that supermarkets have really improved their product range for the home baker.  Brands like Silver Spoon and Dr Oetker are really embracing the new found popularity of baking and are introducing some fab new lines too!  Baking can be an expensive hobby or business.  I recommend buying the best quality products you can afford and as prices go up in our shops there are still some great products available at bargain basement prices.

Here’s what I think are products that are great quality and value for money too!

75 muffin/cupcake cases, 60p, Asda

I usually use these for all of my cupcake baking.  They’re just right, the paper isn’t too thin like some cheap counterparts and they’re a great size too.

Madagascan Vanilla Extract, Taste the Difference,  66p (38ml) (currently 1/3 off ), Sainsbury’s 

This is the best vanilla extract I’ve ever bought.  I’m now converted- the smell is divine and you canreally taste it.  Reminds me of est quality vanilla ice cream.  I tried their peppermint and lemon extract too – and everyone really enjoyed the cakes I made using those.  Top quality, great price.  All of their extracts are currently 1/3 off .

Langdales Scarlet Food Colouring, 33p (30ml), Waitrose

Bargain price and apart from Dr Oetker (which for me is hard to find) is the only food colouring that makes my Red Velvet cakes red!  Waitrose isn’t known for being cheap but there are some things in there that are cheaper than anywhere else.

Lowicz Buttermilk, 1litre, £1, Asda 

Buttermilk can be hard to come by.  I know you can create your own with milk and vinegar but that just seems wrong to me!  Maybe I just don’t trust myself?!  Anyway, a lot of baking calls for buttermilk and I tend to use a couple of cartons of this stuff each month.  If you have any Eastern European supermarkets or corner shops close by then they also tend to have buttermilk in stock.  Unfortunately, my closest version is the ‘ethnic’ aisle in Asda.

4 for £2, Asda

Asda always seem to have offers on various baking items including chocolate chips, all kinds of sprinkles and cupcake cases.  Check out all their new products too!  The Shimmer spray (pictured above) was £3.37 and really adds to any kind of decoration.

Cake Boards (10″), 67p, Asda

OK, so maybe I’m a fan of Asda!  I usually have a couple of these in the cupboard for my layer cakes.  They’re cheaper than my local sugarcraft stores and a cake board is a cake board at the end of the day!

The ‘Reduced’ aisle

The best banana cakes are made with overripe bananas and its so boring watching bananas go bad so I will sometimes be lucky enough to find them really cheap at the supermarket ready to bake with.

Don’t forget to keep supporting your local shops too!

I go to a greengrocer close by that has the best lemons!   I can get 5 or even 10 for £1, depending on his mood!  I like anything with lemons in and these can cost a pretty penny in the supermarket for a really good Spanish lemon-  I CAN tell the difference between a ‘value’ lemon and a ‘luxury’ lemon :).  Tip: to get lots of juice out of your lemons, roll it over your worktop with the palm of your hand adding lots of pressure before cutting into it.

The Cash and Carry

As a regular baker there are some things that I like to buy in bulk for example, icing sugar and flour.  Sometimes it can be a false economy shopping at cash and carries if the item is VATable

Do you have any favourite buys???  Let me know, lets share the savings!


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