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Cox Cookies & Cake

Cox Cookies & Cake

Another HomeSense find – Cox Cookies & Cake £6.99 (RRP £16.99), by Eric Lanlard & Patrick Cox-the shoe designer.

The book looks a bit seedy from the outlay, it is inspired by Soho’s sex shops so that does explain alot!  I can’t stop looking at it though.  I hope that doesn’t reflect badly on what you think of me :).  I’ve never seen such a recipe book, I’ve never heard of a shoe designer opening a cupcakery either; Patrick Cox is joined by the brilliant Eric Lanlard though.  Not only are there lots of recipes but there is also a ‘styling cupcakes’ section to help you create decoration just like in the book.  Just by flicking through I have learnt some new piping styles and am currently googling (other search engines available) for a bum mould for some cheeky cupcakes!  I haven’t made anything yet as my cupcake obsession currently leaves me with a long reading list but I will publish a new post as soon as I do! Oh, I love, love, love the Marilyn Pop Art decs too!

Check out their website to see what I mean, guaranteed to leave you wide eyed surprised! Cox Cookies & Cake

I will try out a recipe or two as soon as the baking spirit takes me or when I stop looking at the book, whichever comes first!


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