Icing cupcake techniques

This is a great video to demonstrate how to ice cupcakes- classic swirl, iced gem effect, rose swirl and 60’s swimming hat!

You will need disposable piping bags, open star/swirl tip (Wilton 1M), ‘rose tip/drop flower’ (Wilton 2D), french swirl (Wilton 4B), heaps of buttercream and icing colour gels to achieve a nice vibrant colour not forgetting sprinkles for additional decoration.

I’d recommend the three piping nozzles as a basic kit. They’re pretty inexpensive from about £1.50 each and are becoming more widely available. You don’t have to buy the Wilton one’s either, other brands and non-branded tips are available both plastic and stainless steel. This is where I get mine: Sweet Success

Wilton Decorating Tips

Wilton Decorating Tips

Here's some I made earlier
Here’s some I made earlier

If you don’t have any piping tips then here’s an alternative way to ice your cupcakes:


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