Love Bakery Review

LOVE Bakery cupcakes

LOVE Bakery cupcakes

Whilst in London I thought it rude not to go to at least one cupcakery!  So I talked my friend into visiting Love Bakery, Kings Road, Chelsea with me (no persuasion was needed).  The shop is tiny but you can’t possibly miss it as its very bright pink exterior, eye popping window display and unmistakeable logo make it stand out.

I’m not sure what I was expecting inside but the bakery was lots smaller than I anticipated.  The offering was limited too – there were 8 cupcake varieties (and 2 mini versions) and chocolate brownies to choose from.  There were edibles and non-edibles for sale on a cute book shelf – sweets, cake stuff like cupcake cases, edible glitter and sprinkles and of course their Love Bakery recipe book (signed by Love Bakery owner/author Sam).  The vintage/50’s inspired décor is really lovely and had a homely feel.  Cupcake flavours change daily too so you’re bound to find something a bit special here; staple flavours of vanilla, chocolate and red velvet are always available.

My friend and I shared a chocolate brownie (as pictured) – it was huge, almost postcard size.  We sat and chatted to the lovely ladies behind the counter and admired everything in the store.   I couldn’t stomach anything else so we bought cupcakes to take home.  I chose the Oreo cupcake, my friend chose the classic vanilla cupcake and we couldn’t go home without cupcakes for the rest of the household!

Taste Test

The brownie was very cake like, not gooey and no crackly top like most brownies.  It was lovely though, fluffy but still quite dense and well worth the £2.50, especially since it was big enough for two!

The Oreo cupcake was topped with cream cheese frosting and mini Oreos.  It was dense, slightly dry and powdery but it was fluffy in texture and not too sweet (basically a chocolate cupcake).  The cream cheese frosting was perfect, just the right sweetness, a bit of Oreo crumb mixed in and the mini Oreos tasted of, Oreo.  Yum!  My friend inhaled her vanilla cupcake (without much thought for me trying it! lol) which is a good sign- she’s an opinionated gal.  It was really pretty, topped fondant flowers, glitter and butter cream.  She really enjoyed it and even took a picture of it!  Picture perfect!  They’re generous too- the cake peaks over the muffin case in a mound and there’s the right proportion of butter cream to cake in my opinion.  Two thumbs up!!!!

The cupcakes we bought ranged from £1.65 – £2.15.  I felt it really reasonable, cheap even, especially for the top London location, much cheaper than a lot of cupcakeries.  I think my friend will now be a regular as she lives a short distance away and will get her kid’s birthday cakes and any other excuse for cake from here!  I too will return 🙂

There are many cupcakeries that sell style over substance – look fantastic but taste crumby!  This place sells glam cupcakes, lovingly decorated but great flavour too.  Excellent value for money.  I highly recommend Love Bakery.

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My one criticism is that its not somewhere you can sit comfortably to enjoy a cuppa and a cupcake.  The few stools that were available are a little uncomfortable.  However, I did notice that most customers did just pop in for their sweet treats to take home so maybe it just suits this business.

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