Cake Club Notts, a review

Cake Club Notts July

Cake Club Notts July

Last week was a big week for cake addicts in Nottingham!  35+ people with home make baked goodies descended on the city centre to get help for their cake addiction.  With so much to choose from on the (approximately) 15 foot table and only 3 cake tokens it was hard to choose what to taste!  Everything looked so good – compliments to the bakers in attendance.

If you follow my blog you will know that I took my alternative high tea of lemon macaroons, fairy bread and peppermint cupcakes.  I tried some baklava (by Fiona), vanilla bean loaf cake (by Liana) and toffee brownie cheesecake (by Asri).  The cheesecake was really really good.  Weirdly I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I thought this might have put me into a sugar coma but I really enjoyed the creaminess of the cheesecake, and the toffee taste reminded me of bonfire toffee and there was just enough brownie in it!  Tequila cupcakes were a big hit too.  It was great to see and meet so many people in attendance and have some great cake and conversation.

A memorable moment for me was an interesting conversation about ‘breading’.  I had no idea what this was but now know its a very European thing where you grease you cake tin then ‘dust’ it with bread crumbs.  Total confusion for me!

From all the twitter and facebook comments, I know there were many cake-induced comas and hangovers following the evening!  Looking forward to the next one! 🙂

Cake Club Aftermath, image by Cake Eaters Anonymous
Cake Club Aftermath, image by Cake Eaters Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Cake Club Notts, a review

  1. Breading? I’ve never heard of that one either.

    I was at cake club, and I most definitely had a cake hangover, not helped by the box of baked goods I took home with me. So worth it though! Maybe I’ll see you next time?

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