Fairy Bread

Today is Cake Eaters Anonymous! A second meeting of cake addicts – feel free to join on future dates – more info here: Cake Eaters

As part of the rules, entry is by home made cake so I decided to make lemon macaroons.  I thought they would look lovely on one of my cake stands so I thought what else can I fill it up with??? Hmmmmm, peppermint cupcakes????  Ok, so I made some of those in petit four cases, then I thought what can I put on the third tier that will take me almost no time to make?????  Fairy Bread!  I’d first seen it in The Australian Women’s Weekly Modern Entertaining, a great book I picked up a while ago and I’d also seen Kylie Minogue make it on a cookery programme or something as it was something she had at home in Australia as a child.  It’s so easy to make and looks so cool!  It’s basically sliced bread cut into whatever shape you like, buttered and dipped in hundreds and thousands!  Good as a ‘filler’ for a table, I just think its really retro and kids partyish!


What do you think?

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