Baking Basics by Nigella

If you are about to embark on a baking journey then check out what Nigella recommends as a basic collection of baking tins!

  • a 12-hole muffin tin – perfect for cupcakes
  • two 8-inch/ 20cm sandwich tins (round) – or 3 tins if you are going to make layer cakes
  • a 9-inch/ 23cm springform tin – perhaps one that is quite deep
  • a 2-pound loaf tin (approx. 23x13x7 cm/9x5x3 inches)
  • a bundt tin is also a nice addition as these cakes have a lovely shape and need little adornment
  • a rectangular brownie tin is also useful
  • Paper liners for loaf tins and muffin tins are nice to have and if you can find a re-usable silicone sheet which can be cut to fit the base of your tins then it will save having to keep cutting baking parchment to line the tins.

I have all of the above and as a regular baker they are indispensable, this is a great list for a basic ‘kit’ for anyone who wants to have a go at baking.  I’d recommend buying cake pans that are on the heavier side, I think they generally last forever and with a bit of care will look brand new forever too!  A great investment!

As well as paper muffin cases, paper liners are great to have as

a) you wont have cake crumbs everywhere

b) no waiting for the cake to cool before turning it out of the tin

c) you can give cake as a gift in the liner

and d) it saves on the washing up too!

Taken from ‘Kitchen’, Nigella Lawson


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