Decorating with butter cream

My friends love my cupcakes!  I haven’t been making them for very long but baking them gives me an outlet for some creative decoration!  I went to a cupcake decoration demonstration by Star Bakery‘s Liana and have been progressing on my own as well as using as a great resource!

Recommended basics for cupcake piping:

  • Piping bags – there are loads to choose from, the plastic non slip disposable ones are my bag of choice.
  • Piping Nozzles – Wilton 1M for the classic swirl, Wilton 2D for the rose swirl
  • Buttercream – an essential! – I start with 4oz butter and 8oz icing sugar, vanilla extract, a splash of milk for glossiness.
  • Pretty food colourings and various sprinkles.

If you are a beginner then I think this video is really useful.  I love the very English style of presenter/author Xanthe Milton too…darling!  She’s like the Nigella of Cupcakes!


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